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How to Think Content First: An Interview with Content Strategist Carrie Hane

Episode Summary

Are you trying to sell your product, service, or find better ways to market your content? You might need to reframe how you think about your content through a content-first content strategy. We've interviewed Carrie Hane from Tanzen Consulting to lead us through adapting content strategy best practices for your digital content.

Episode Notes

Carrie Hane is the founder of Tanzen Consulting. Tanzen offers content strategy consulting and training to help people and organizations create more effective content more consistently. The company was built on principles related to making content more effective and easier to manage. Carrie Hane wrote Designing Connected Content (New Riders, 2018) based on these principles.

Find her on Twitter @carriehd and at www.tanzenconsulting.com
Check out her book on content first: https://www.amazon.com/Designing-Connected-Content-Products-Tomorrow

Episode Transcript